It’s time to get your company/organization out to compete in the 2019 Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run’s Corporate Challenge! Join our corporate division, which offers companies a chance to compete against each other, while promoting the importance of team building, healthy living and office camaraderie. Win by accumulating the most points (5 points for 5K, 10 points for 10K and 15 points for Double Pump) for registered runners in your company. Get your company’s CEO to run for their chance to be awarded the fastest CEO in Savannah in the Corporate Challenge! Get your company involved!

Corporate Challenge Divisions

Small Company Division
3 – 50
total employees

Medium Company Division
51 – 200
total employees

Large Company Division
total employees

*Note: Divisions are based on your total number of employees you employ, NOT the number of runners your company has signed up.

Scoring & Rules

Corporate Challenge

  • Scoring:
    • Company teams will accumulate points based off how many registered participants they have in each race. Each race is worth a different amount of points (see below), with the longer the race (5K, 10K or 15K) the more points accumulated.
      • 5K = 5 points
      • 10K = 10 points
      • Double Pump = 15 points
  • Example: Company A has 8 total participants, 4 of which are signed up for the 5K, 3 for the 10K and 1 for the Double Pump. Company A has 65 total points accumulated.
  • One winning company will be chosen in each division, with the divisions based on the total company size. So there will be three (3) winning companies of the Corporate Challenge.
  • Rules:
    • All company teams MUST have at least three (3) registered participants.
    • All company team members MUST be currently employed by that company. NO EXCEPTIONS

CEO Challenge

  • Scoring:
    • The CEO Challenge is a race between CEOs in the 5K whose companies are a part of the Corporate Challenge. CEO’s participating in the Bridge Run whose companies are not part of the Corporate Challenge will NOT be included in the competition.
    • One winner will be crowned based off whichever CEO has the fastest chip time in the 5K. CEO’s participating in the 10K or Double Pump will NOT be included in the CEO Challenge.
  • Rules:
    • CEOs participating in the CEO Challenge must on a company team in the Corporate Challenge and that company teams MUST have at least three (3) registered participants.
    • All company team members MUST be currently employed by that company. NO EXCEPTIONS

Frequently Asked Questions: Corporate Challenge

How do I sign up my company for the Corporate Challenge?

To sign up your company for the Corporate Challenge, you must select a team captain to serve as the communication liaison for your company. The team captain must submit the Corporate Challenge Registration Form (click link for application) to our Race Director at jsykes@visitsavannah.com. Once received, the Race Director will follow up with details on how to begin your team registration process.

What is the cost for my company to participate?


Team Members Pay for Themselves



Company Pays One Invoice for Entire Team (Group discounts available with this option)

Is there a start line location for the Corporate Challenge?

There is not a separate start time for the Corporate Challenge. You will go to the corresponding starting line to whichever race you are running (5K, 10K or Double Pump).

Do I need to be an employee of the company to join that company's team?

All company team members MUST be currently employed by that company. This includes part-time, full-time or contract status. There are NO exceptions.

Does my company have to run/walk as a group?

No, each participant can choose which race to participate in (5K, 10K or Double Pump). Team members do not need to run/walk together.

Can I walk the Corporate Challenge?

Of course! One of the main reasons for adding the Corporate Challenge is to promote health and wellness for companies and their employees. Walking is allowed and encouraged!

Can my dog run with our company?

Dogs are not allowed at the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run as a safety precautions to our runners.

Our CEO wants to run with our company, can he/she run the Double Pump?

The CEO Challenge is limited to company CEOs who participate in the 5K race, and does not include the 10K or Double Pump races. CEO’s are allowed to run in the 10k and Double Pump if they choose, but their scores will not be counted in the CEO Challenge results.

How do I join my company team if I've already signed up for the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run?

Let your company’s team captain know that you’ve already registered and would like to be added to the company team. On November 26 at 12pm, a roster will be sent to the team captain and he/she will add the names of those who have already registered to the roster so that we can get a final count.

Do I receive an additional medal for participating in the Corporate Challenge?

No, there are no additional medals for participating in the Corporate Challenge. However, the winning team in each division will receive a trophy, as well as a trophy to the individual with the fastest time in the CEO Challenge.

Will my company receive a discount for the Corporate Challenge?

Companies paying for all participants of their team will be eligible to receive a discount. Contact Jonathan Sykes at jsykes@visitsavannah.com

When is the registration cutoff date for the Corporate Challenge?

Registration for the Corporate Challenge ends on November 26, 2019 at 11:59 AM.

What does my team get if we win the Corporate Challenge?

There will be 3 winning teams, one for each corresponding division. Each winning team will receive a trophy to display in the company office!

Can a woman participate in the CEO Division?

Of course! We encourage all CEO’s/bosses to compete in the CEO Division.